About me.

It is perhaps telling that trying to write an ‘about me’ page tends to fill most people with dread, or leave them dribbling onto their laptop as they stare blankly at the screen, or suffering repetitive strain injuries from all the deleting and self-editing that is simply begged by the title: ‘About Me’.

I am no different. There are certain facts I can tell you, but that is the easy part. For example: I was born in 1981 in Scarborough. My family moved to Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire when I was nine years old. I worked for ten years in a spiritually and creatively unsatisfying job throughout my twenties, never quite giving myself enough time to properly pursue my creative career, but never giving up on the idea either. I made some progress. I eventually left my job in my thirties and worked full-time to forge myself a place in the creative arts. I had fun and developed a lot in the two years I attempted to go it alone, but returned to work in the much more personally rewarding social housing sector to supplement my creative work with some actual money. I didn’t go to Uni when I was 18, but ended up studying for a mixed-discipline degree with the Open University in creative writing, philosophy, arts history and social science, for which I was awarded  First Class Honours. I also write, record and play music. I am married and have a beautiful daughter who is the light of my life.

So that’s some particulars. But then, I can try and tell you the subjective stuff; how it feels to be trying to achieve my ambitions to work and be rewarded for creative endeavour. How important to me that is. How scared it makes me sometimes, but how happy I am when something goes right. How I think it’s the only way I can be.

Now I am a father, my priorities are changing. Time and space is hard to come by, which is funny, cos the Universe is full of it. However, I know I still want to write, play, be creative. I want to do it for myself, and as an example for my daughter. Whether this will ever be more that my ‘little’ outlet in an otherwise unextraordinary life, I don’t know. Since she was born, the meaning of success has changed for me (in a good way – I’m not being glum!).

I last updated this page on the 02nd September 2018 to mark the release of my third book, comedy sci-fi ‘Transported’ which should be nicely advertised somewhere or other on this page. Please buy it and read it and tell everyone about it and leave a review on Amazon. That’s basically all there is to it.

I have no idea what I am working on next, but as soon as I know, I’ll be sure to tell you.









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