Back Blogging – New Year Recap


I’ve been away a while, mainly raising my daughter who is now 3 years old and therefore totally independent, allowing me to restart my blog!

But seriously, I think I may just have enough time to occasionally jot some words down here and there again. So, other than having a small child for the last 3 years, what have I been up to?

Well, not writing, that’s for sure. Since the release of my last book, ‘Transported’, I have taken a break from writing mainly due to the time I didn’t have with a not very sleepy baby in the house, and the need to step back a bit from it to figure out what I want to do next. I won’t lie, none of my books have particularly flown off the shelf, mainly because they are not on shelves, and I find it hard (and excruciatingly boring) to market my books online without wanting to punch a hole in the internet.

I may come back to it again, maybe even in 2021, but I’m putting no pressure on myself and I think I would do it differently, perhaps as a series of blogs that can build up audience over time. I have a slight hankering for a big, overblown, self indulgent Fantasy novel, so maybe that.

What I have been doing is getting back into my music (much easier to find an hour or two in the studio with a small child than it is to concentrate on writing a book) – and have a couple of projects on the go, plus lots and lots of new songs in general. You can find most of them on my SoundCloud page gazamatazabbott | Free Listening on SoundCloud – and in 2021 I have a new ‘Pop Punk’ project coming with better production values and, of course, a fully illustrated Sci-Fi band to front it. Look out for ‘Bag Ratty Bro’ popping up in a Dimension near you!

Also I’ve launched a new Podcast ‘The Big Beatles Sort Out’ The Big Beatles Sort Out • A podcast on Anchor (also find it on all other major platforms) which is 16 episodes in and going strong. I am attempting to score all the core catalogue Beatles songs by exploring and scoring 5 at random each week with the help of my Beatle mad (and very knowledgeable) brother Paul. It’s great fun, and a brilliant excuse in this less than great year to spend time with my brother chatting about something we both love. I hope you get chance to have a little listen. In my opinion, we get settled in after about 6 episodes to the format, but still worth listening to them all!

Apart from all that, I am now a Business Intelligence Analyst at my place of work, which happens to be a Housing Association / Charity group, so it means a lot to me to do it well as it actually helps people down the line. So I am a busy soul, but grateful I have work, family and other outlets to keep me going though all this 2020 buisiness.

Hopefully this won’t be a one-off update. I will make a resolution to try and keep it going throughout 2021 and hopefully with have some more exciting projects to share with you all soon!

I hope anyone reading this has a great New Year and a better 2021.