Lost In Each Other

Hello! I am pleased to announce the release of my latest song in my song-a-month-athon for 2022: ‘Lost In Each Other’!

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I am very happy with this one. It again features my new Faith 12 string, along with my Takamine G Series 6 string, cajon, percussion, bass and vocals. I’m particularity happy with the phased backing vocal harmonies in the bridges.

These are perhaps some of the most interesting chord sequences I’ve found and worked up in a long time – they just seemed to suggest themselves as I was composing it, a natural progression but with lots of augmentations and suspensions.

Lyrically, it’s quite a straight forward love song, but why not, eh?

I hope you enjoy and take a listen. If you do, please share on your socials and in the real world. This song is one that I will hopefully soon be playing live again with a friend, so one day you may actually be able to watch me perform!




Kings of Nothing

Here is my February release for 2022 (a year in which I am attempting to release a song a month) – ‘Kings of Nothing’. Below the video is a bit more info about the song and links to other platforms:

‘Kings of Nothing’ was written in the winter of 2021 after I’d been listening to a news item about the state of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of troops and how no one wins and the ‘victors’, whoever they are, are left presiding over misery.

The music emerged from a riff played on my new ‘Faith’ 12 string, which seemed to elevate the fairly simple open string picking with moving bass note to a new level, and create resonance that flowed into the chorus changes and seemed to build up throughout. Because of this gradual crescendo through the verses and choruses, I have opted for an ‘electronic’ drum kit to cut through the mix, with the addition of live percussion to layer this up later in the song (Djembe).

This song is also the first to feature one of my favorite music toys, the Otamatone:

I’ve had this toy for years, but never found the right moment until now! You can hear it in the repeated chorus towards the end of the song, crying out over the madness!

This song also features the use of my new acoustic bass, doubled up from a direct input and microphone – allowing me to blend the deeper rounded tones of the DI, with the top end rhythmic fret and plec sounds.

I’m happy with how it turned out and looking forward to hopefully playing this live later this year in the new duet I am currently rehearsing with – the live version of this is sounding great!

Here are some more links to find this in the major places, but you can also find this on most platforms:


The Big Beatles Sort Out Series 2 Mid Series Bonus! Get back Xmas Chat

Now we have finished the run of ‘Songs They Gave Away’ we are having a little break before coming back with the ‘Live At The BBC’ sessions and the movies!

In the meantime, here is a bonus episode recorded at our mam’s house on Boxing Day 2021 – a general ramble based on some listener questions about the Get Back documentary. Hope you enjoy! Sorry that the sound quality is slightly tinny – we are using a portable recorder.

Get Back Bonus Episode!

I also have a new single out for January 2022 – ‘Rusty Old World’! All the links are here:

Rusty Old World YouTube

Rusty Old World Spotify

Rusty Old World Apple Music

Thanks as always.


Rusty Old World

My new song, Rusty Old World came out today. You can find the lyrics and all the major links for it below. I would love it if you would support my music by having a listen and liking, sharing, rating, reviewing – whatever you feel you can do.

This song was born out of something my 4 year old daughter said – she was playing some imaginary game in the back of the car and said something about ‘This Rusty Old World’, so, I had that.

The rest of the lyrics follow as a kind of a warning against a dystopian, synthetic future, where all our worst fears have come true, and the materials of the industrial and technological age are turning to dust.

This fairly epic theme lent itself to a suitably rousing musical style – so I went with a country, folk foreboding pathos, kind of thing – attempting in my own small way to conjure up that ‘Riders on the Storm’ kind of feeling. This gave me a good opportunity to use my new Faith 12 string, Stagg acoustic bass, and even bust out a bit of harmonica!

I hope you enjoy.

Rusty Old World

I don’t want to live in this rusty old world,
Where the wheels keep on turning and we are the oil,
No I don’t want to live in this rusty old world.

Sunlight can’t shine
Through oxidised skies
The Warmth can not reach,
Metal and minds.

Clouded by memories,
Of simpler times.
Falling to pieces,
Now dust in our eyes,

I don’t want to live in this dusty old world,
Where the earth’s good for nothing, it’s what we deserve
No I don’t want to live in this dusty old world.

Waters will rise,
Faster than our tempers.
The world will sink down
To no ones surprise

Will we be safe and dry?
Inside our computers?
Never again,
To open our eyes.

I don’t want to live in this silicon world
Where the people are plastic and so are our souls,
No I don’t want to live in this silicon world.

Can love survive,
Through six inches of steel?
Is there anything left
That we recognise?

Will the future provide?
What we all need to feel?
Not just numbers on screens.
That feeling inside.

I don’t want to live in this rusty old world,
Where the wheels keep on turning and we are the oil,
No I don’t want to live in this rusty old world.
No I don’t want to live in this dusty old world.
No I don’t want to live in this silicon world.
No I don’t want to live…

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You Gotta Have A Slow One?

So, this is it, the 4th and last ‘lead’ single from the Bag Ratty Bro EP project ‘Chapter and Multiverse’ is now available for streaming if you haven’t already got the EP!

Just click on the amazing artwork below to get links to the various services available to listen on!

And if you like this and want the full 6 song EP for as little as £1, then please grab a copy at Bandcamp by clicking on the image below!

Thanks to all those who have supported this project so far. It’s been an interesting experiment, and one that I’ve learned a lot from.

Hopefully Bag Ratty Bro will be back at some point, with a slightly new sound and more great artwork, but in the meantime, I will be focusing on acoustic based tracks under my own name, so look out for them!



Chapter And Multiverse EP OUT NOW!

My new ‘Bag Ratty Bro’ EP ‘Chapter and Multiverse’ is OUT NOW! Not for pre-save, pre-order blah blah, but for actual listen to it all whenever you want purchasing!

It’s available for as little as £1, or for as much as you think is fair to pay!

Just click the link or the pic below to go to Bandcamp and get your copy! We will be eternally grateful if you do, or even if you don’t. But please do.

Lots of love

Bag Ratty Bro

Chapter and Multiverse | Bag Ratty Bro (bandcamp.com)

Right On!

Bag Ratty Bro



Pan-Reality Power Pop Combo Bag Ratty Bro released new single Right On on April 22nd, 2021. The single is the second release from the upcoming debut EP ‘Chapter and Multiversethat is available from May 13th, 2021.

Bag Ratty Bro are back again with more catchy guitar and vocal hooks that will have you humming ‘Right On’ in the dead of night, reaching for the earphones in a cold sweat and muttering, ‘just one more listen!’. You will lose your job, your sanity, your dignity, but it will all be worth it.

Lyrically, a theme of incredulous commentary on the constant outrage of the 21st Century condition continues. As Nancy, the bassist, puts it: 

“Right On is about the madness of moral certainty in an uncertain world, and the danger of deepening divides by taking a position of privileged superiority without trying to reach any kind of understanding of the opposite view, no matter how repugnant it may outwardly seem. Will that do you? Sound.”

About Bag Ratty Bro

Bag Ratty Bro met aboard the liberated Nargonian Cruiser ‘Monstromo’ during an unlicensed zero-gravity harmonic duel. 

Several time tours and dimension hops later, they’ve now decided to try and crack the home of Pop-Punk: Earth in the 20th Century. But they missed, so are going to try the 21st Century instead.

Bag Ratty Bro Socials / Contact

Twitter BagRattyBro@Gmail.Com Instagram Bandcamp Facebook

Crushing Eggshells!

Bag Ratty Bro are back with their 2nd single, ‘Crushing Eggshells!’

Pan-Reality Power Pop Combo Bag Ratty Bro release new single Crushing Eggshells’  on March 25th, 2021. The single is the second release from the upcoming debut EP ‘Chapter and Multiversethat is available from May 13th, 2021.

‘Crushing Eggshells’ continues to blaze the Bag Ratty’s high energy, up tempo trail towards the power-pop stars. The frenetic movement of the heavy guitar lead and bass will set even the most leaden foot tapping, while the explosive chorus will keep those rock-heads nodding.

This time the Bag Ratty’s are tackling the tentative world of online social justice, cancel culture and the perils of opinions, or as guitarist Kev puts it:

“You can’t say anything nowadays. Well you can, but you shouldn’t? But, you’ve got to be free to speak, but not unless you’re spoken to? I don’t know. Probably best just keep out of it.”

About Bag Ratty Bro

Bag Ratty Bro met aboard the liberated Nargonian Cruiser ‘Monstromo’ during an unlicensed zero-gravity harmonic duel. 

Several time tours and dimension hops later, they’ve now decided to try and crack the home of Pop-Punk: Earth in the 20th Century. But they missed, so are going to try the 21st Century instead.

Bag Ratty Bro Socials / Contact

Twitter BagRattyBro@Gmail.Com Instagram Bandcamp Facebook

Bag Ratty Bro – A Band for our Times.

This week I officially ‘launched’ my latest music project, the power-pop band ‘Bag Ratty Bro’.

Meet the Bag Ratties…

You may have noticed already something slightly different about the guys… apart from the mutant head, green skin and robotic drummer, these guys are ever so slightly reality-challenged.

Then again, aren’t we all? Originally, I intended this project to have an illustrated internet presence, possibly backed up by a live band purporting to be playing Bag Ratty Bro ‘covers’. Then the whole pesky Pandemic thing came along.

I’m not one to sit on a project, I’m too itchy for that and like to be moving onto the next thing, so the fact that this has still taken around 15 months to get this out goes to show the challenges of creative working in lockdown.

So, the live band is on hold, for now, and what we have here is DIY+ music, the majority of the parts recorded by me at home, with the real drums being added in post production by super talented producer Tom Bishop in his studio, who also mixed and mastered the whole thing.

The whole thing, by the way, is a 6 song EP ‘Chapter and Mutiverse’ that is available to preorder now.

But to get us there, 4 of the songs will be released as singles along with original artwork for each, illustrated by the excellent Rob Amos based on his character designs and our joint ideas for scenes. No matter what happens with the music, I think he has done an amazing job bringing these guys to life, especially when you see what my reference sketches look like…

Yeah, I’ll stick to the music…

It’s hard to believe that Rob Amos can interpret the above and turn it into this:


The singles will be available to stream through the usual places, and the first, ‘I Want A Robot Hoover’ is out now!

Bag Ratty Bro on Spotify

My intention is to keep my name out of it as much as possible, and try and reach beyond my social circle, but I’m already finding that hard, both emotionally and literally, in a ‘gatekeeper’ environment that wants to ignore or judge you, unless the price is right. But I’m focussing on the fact that none of this matters, really. But still, it would be nice to find a little audience for this project to see if it can take on a life of it’s own. If you follow any of the Bag Ratty Bro social channels (find them through the links on this page), they will deny all knowledge of me.

If you are reading this, and are so inclined, please take a listen, save the songs to your playlists or whatever you kids do nowadays, order the EP, share the links on your socials, help me get the Bag Ratties out there with their brand of uptempo catchy power pop that just wants to be heard and make you happy!

Thanks for reading.

Songwriting Sessions #3 – The Age of Modern Living

Hello again. This session is about a song I wrote and recorded in early February 2021 linked below:

The Age of Modern Living

This song came about from wanting to record something on my new ukulele, a rather nice Tanglewood TWT 3 if you’re interested, hence the intro and chorus to this is underpinned by double-tracked ukulele repeating a 4 chord sequence that I think rings out nicely on the diddy instrument.

When I started to work around this chord sequence, I found quite quickly that putting heavy guitars and a simple thumping bass line over this made the same chords stand out as a chorus, so the heaviness crept in quite quickly. I am pretty happy with how you can still here the little ukulele in there even in the heavy bits.

Every now and again I will get a song where I think, can I really just loop the chords all the way through? It feels like a cop out, but sometimes it just works. However, you really need to make the rhythm and feel quite different between the sections if you are going to do this, so I dropped out the uke, added a bit of funk to the bass line (which is doubled with fx in the verses) and a bit of wah-wah guitar over it all.

Hopefully this brings the dynamics down and finds a new groove for just long enough for the return of the heavy choruses to have impact. In the second round of the verse, I also added an instrumental bridge that combines the two a bit, and reminds me a little of ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’, the excellent Beatle’s track from Abbey Road – that wasn’t intentional but their influence runs through everything I do despite myself.

I nearly didn’t finish this as I couldn’t find the right way into the lyrics. I got the Chorus line ‘It’s like something out of a dream…’ bit quite early, but I didn’t know what ‘it’ actually was! Nowadays, I need a theme/reason to write a song or I can’t get it finished. In the past I was happier to just string vaguely related words together, but I can’t do it now. I’m not saying that every word has meaning or is worried over, but I always know what the song is about overall, or what my ‘way in’ was.

Anyway, the final piece of this song lyric came form a news article about an appetite suppressant drug, and I just thought how miserable it would be to psychologically not have the joy of looking forward to food and satisfying that desire, even if it does stop you being fat. Then I linked this to how antidepressants suppress extremes of emotions (so I am told), and imagined a world where the ‘new you’ is a chemically altered none-feeling model of conformity. That’s not to say that I’m down on diet or mood pills – I’m just exaggerating the ideas for effect, kids.


Suppress your appetite, and then you’ll never get fat.
May also never have fun, but don’t you worry about that.
Keep having restless nights? But won’t change your life?
Just listen to my voice. Will see you right it’s like…

Something out of a dream. Something you’ve neve seen,
Shiny Happy and Clean, The age of modern living.
It’s like something out of a dream, And you can get it for free.
If you’d only listen to me your doubts will be forgiven.

Can’t take the highs and the lows? Well then we’ll flatten you out.
Just another straight line, nothing to shout about.
You head full of ideas? Just take another deep breath.
Go and find some blue light .There’s nothing left. it’s like… (repeat chorus)

And there we go. It’s quite short and fast and bordering between my rocky and punky/garage sensibilities. I don’t know if this song will find a home outside of this demo, so show it some love if you like it. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think in the comments! Cheers.