Crushing Eggshells!

Bag Ratty Bro are back with their 2nd single, ‘Crushing Eggshells!’

Pan-Reality Power Pop Combo Bag Ratty Bro release new single Crushing Eggshells’  on March 25th, 2021. The single is the second release from the upcoming debut EP ‘Chapter and Multiversethat is available from May 13th, 2021.

‘Crushing Eggshells’ continues to blaze the Bag Ratty’s high energy, up tempo trail towards the power-pop stars. The frenetic movement of the heavy guitar lead and bass will set even the most leaden foot tapping, while the explosive chorus will keep those rock-heads nodding.

This time the Bag Ratty’s are tackling the tentative world of online social justice, cancel culture and the perils of opinions, or as guitarist Kev puts it:

“You can’t say anything nowadays. Well you can, but you shouldn’t? But, you’ve got to be free to speak, but not unless you’re spoken to? I don’t know. Probably best just keep out of it.”

About Bag Ratty Bro

Bag Ratty Bro met aboard the liberated Nargonian Cruiser ‘Monstromo’ during an unlicensed zero-gravity harmonic duel. 

Several time tours and dimension hops later, they’ve now decided to try and crack the home of Pop-Punk: Earth in the 20th Century. But they missed, so are going to try the 21st Century instead.

Bag Ratty Bro Socials / Contact

Twitter BagRattyBro@Gmail.Com Instagram Bandcamp Facebook


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