The Big Beatles Sort Out Series 2 Mid Series Bonus! Get back Xmas Chat

Now we have finished the run of ‘Songs They Gave Away’ we are having a little break before coming back with the ‘Live At The BBC’ sessions and the movies!

In the meantime, here is a bonus episode recorded at our mam’s house on Boxing Day 2021 – a general ramble based on some listener questions about the Get Back documentary. Hope you enjoy! Sorry that the sound quality is slightly tinny – we are using a portable recorder.

Get Back Bonus Episode!

I also have a new single out for January 2022 – ‘Rusty Old World’! All the links are here:

Rusty Old World YouTube

Rusty Old World Spotify

Rusty Old World Apple Music

Thanks as always.


The Big Beatles Sort Out Series 2! The Songs They Gave Away – Part 5

Series 2 continues with ‘The Songs They Gave Away – Part 5’, where we take a look at the songs that never were for the Beatles, but ended up making waves (or not) in the hands of other acts. This is the last of this little run. We have a bonus ep next week and then a mid series break.

Series 2, Episode 8, is here! Series 2 Episode 8

I also have a new single out – you can hear it here on Spotify!

Thanks as always.