The Big Beatles Sort Out Series 2! The Songs They Gave Away – Part 3

Series 2 continues with ‘The Songs They Gave Away – Part 3’, where we take a look at the songs that never were for the Beatles, but ended up making waves (or not) in the hands of other acts.

Series 2, Episode 6, is here! Series 2 Episode 6

I also have a new single out – you can hear it here on Spotify!

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The Big Beatles Sort Out Episode 39!

Hello. Episode 39 of my Beatles podcast is available now!

This week also sees the final ‘lead’ single from my new EP with ‘Bag Ratty Bro’ released on streaming. The link is below, so if you haven’t yet bought the EP and would like to support me and the podcast simply by listening to a song – this is your chance!

New single: Gotta Have A Slow One (

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