Vegan Menu

I’ve not posted many recipes the last few days as mostly all my meals have been straightforward or from recipe books or other sites.

So, I thought I’d share a list of some recent vegan meals I’ve had, in case it helps inspire anyone else scrabbling around for Veganuary!

Vegan Pizza.

You don’t really need me to tell you to swap out the cheese for a vegan alternative and load up with as much veg as you can! I went for broccoli, mushroom, pineapple, sun dried tomatoes and peppers! I also favour tinned tomatoes with herbs for my base sauce.

Avacado Sauce Pasta.

My first attempts at cooking with avacado worked out nicely! You basically blitz the avacado flesh with olive oil, garlic, lemon and whatever else you fancy (I used sun dried tomatoes again as I’ve got some open!) and mix it into cooked pasta. I had this with some vegan sausages and it was creamy and quite like carbonara!

Sunday Roast!

Sounds obvious again, but finding out my usual gluten free beef gravy was already vegan meant all I had to do was cut out the meat and Yorkshire pudding for a massive treat meal! I replace the meat with either a vegan burger or Butternut Squash fondant, plus make sure to have lots of textures of roasted, steamed and mashed veg.

Mushroom Risotto

I made a standard mushroom risotto without the butter, and with vegan cheese, and it worked just as well. Had it with asparagus and green beans and a bit of toasted GF bread for extra bulk.

Actifry Tofu with peanut sauce.

This one had mixed results. Air frying the tofu gave an interesting crunchy texture but not quite found the way of using this versatile ingredient the way I like it yet, though was perfectly tasty with a peanut butter and coconut milk based sauce and coconut rice!

Potato and Spinach Saag Aloo

This made a nice simple side to my usual veg curry. The spinach was very tasty. I used normal potatoes which went a little mushy. Next time I’ll use tinned new potatoes.

Anyway, hope this gives some people some ideas! Let me know any you think I should try or if you’ve had a go at any of these!


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