Book Review: The Dimension Scales and Other Stories by Garry Abbott

Great review of my book from Eamothegeek!

Eamo The Geek

SCALEI seem to be getting a hell of a lot of short story compilations sent to me these days. This can only be a good thing, especially for new authors who want to test the waters and show their wares to an ever-expanding ebook audience. Where the collection is by one author alone however, the stakes are raised slightly. Part of the attraction of short story anthologies to many readers is the variation and originality of the different authors featured. Any author wanting to release an anthology solely of their work has a lot of work to do to keep readers interested.

The Dimension Scales and Other Stories, a collection of fourteen sci-fi shorts from new indie author Garry Abbott does just that. The opener The Diary Of Derek Froggat, The Accidental Time Traveller , a sporadic account of a man thrown through time against his will, echoes cleverly…

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